LeADS and LiderLab Workshop on ethical and legal issues in technology

The VALKYRIES Project– funded from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, focused on analyzing, improving and developing infrastructures, protocols, and prompt data exchange standardisation and harmonisation tactics to increase effectiveness and interoperability in cross-frontier and cross-sector emergency situations, conducted its third ethical legal workshop titled “Dealing With Ethical Legal Issues Technology Development: The Current Approaches Adopted In Ongoing Projects” on March 3, 2023.

The workshop consisted of presentations by persons involved in various projects such as the VALKYRIES, 5GSOSIA, RESCUER, LEADS and FACILITATE, these presentations focused on the ethical and legal issues encountered and combatted during the course of their respective projects.

On behalf of the LeADS Project, Prof. G. Comandé introduced the legality attentive data scientists project and discussed how the LeADS Project is aimed at bridging the gap between data science and law by training early-stage researchers who are involved in the project with technical prowess as well as legal expertise. Further, he mentioned that this has been made possible by the various partnerships with companies and government agencies that the LeADS Project has carved out for its early-stage researchers to create a balance between theoretical studies and practical implementations across sectors.