LeADS Working Paper Series

This blog post inaugurates the LeADS Working Paper Series, a series of blog posts that will give the possibility for our Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) to present and contextualize the Working Papers they have been working on over the past months.

Working Papers (WOPA) represent the state of the art in the field of Privacy and Data  Protection, Intellectual Property, Algorithm Regulation, Privacy Enhancing Technologies, and Data Processing Transparency. These papers were written by groups of Early Stage Researchers, in an effort to reflect how each crossroad topic still needs to be addressed circlein data-driven societies that cannot be viewed and fully grasped in isolation but are instead fully interconnected.

The Working Papers are also a very important landmark for the LeADS project since they constitute the first public deliverable of the project. For this “LeADS Working Paper Series,” each WOPA team wrote an introductory text which should serve to contextualise their work with regard to the LeADs project. It is followed by the abstract of their respective paper. The following 6 WOPAs were written and will have dedicated blog posts.

  • “The Flawed Foundations of Fair Machine Learning”
    Robert Lee Poe and Soumia Zohra El Mestari 
  • “Contribution to data minimization for personal data and trade secrets” – Qifan Yang and Cristian Lepore
  • “Transparency and Relevancy of Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing Privacy and Consent Policies in the EU” – Xengie Doan and Fatma Dogan
  • “Data Access And Re-Use In The European Legal Framework For Data, From The GDPR To The Proposed Data Act: The Case Of Vehicle Data” – Tommaso Crepax, Mitisha Gaur and Barbara Lazarotto
  • “From Data Governance by Design to Data Governance as a Service” – Armend Duzha, Christos Magkos, and Louis Sahi
  • “Data Collaboratives with the Use of Decentralised Learning – an Interdisciplinary Perspective on Data Governance” – Maciej Zuziak, Onntje Hinrichs and Aizhan Abdrasulova

Keep tuned in for the first blog post in a few days!