ESR Mitisha Gaur at the DigiBooks “Safeguarding the Right to Good Administration in the Age of AI”

ESR Mitisha Gaur’s groundbreaking work, “The Adequacy of the AI Act’s Fundamental Impact Assessment in Cases of High-Risk AI Systems by Government Agencies,” has been featured in the thought-provoking e-book “Safeguarding the Right to Good Administration in the Age of AI,” published by The Digital Constitutionalist.

This compelling publication delves into the intricate landscape of integrating cutting-edge technologies into public sector decision-making. It also sheds light on the formidable challenges associated with regulating public power in the context of rapidly advancing AI systems. The book meticulously examines the potential risks to accountability, transparency, and fairness, and addresses the critical issues of discrimination, biases, and the broader implications for the humane aspect of public administration.

The full publication can be found here