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About LeADS

LeADS research and educational program trains a new interdisciplinary professional figure that we call Legality Attentive Data Scientist. Experts in data science and law expected to work within and across the two disciplines, leaders in bridging scientific skills with the ethico-legal constraints of their operating environment, the scientists trained within the LeADS program will develop a data science capable of maintaining its innovative solutions within the borders of law – by design and by default – and of helping expand the legal frontiers in line with innovation needs, for instance, preventing the enactments of legal rules technologically unattainable.

LeADS is funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (MSCA-ITN) programme.

Press Releases

Cutting-Edge Research Papers at the Intersection of Law and Technology

Pisa, Italy, July 2023. The culmination of months of dedicated…

LeADS Organises TILL Workshop and Conference on Data Sciences & EU Regulations

  Toulouse, France, December 2022 – On the 7th…

Creating Bridges between Disciplines – Conference on Human Rights Attentive AI

Kraków, Poland, September 2021 – On the 21st September…

Early-Stage Researchers Present their Cutting-Edge Research at the International Conference on AI

  Crete, Greece, June 2021 – On the 19th of June 20212,…

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