Creating Bridges between Disciplines – Conference on Human Rights Attentive AI

Kraków, Poland, September 2021 – On the 21st September 2021 the LeADS consortium organised a conference on “Designing Human Rights Attentive AI – an Interdisciplinary Perspective” that took place at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. The conference was organised as part of the fifth training module of the LeADS project which aims at training 15 Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) as Legality Attentive Data Scientists that are capable of working within and across law and data science.

The conference strictly adhered to this interdisciplinary approach by bringing in the perspectives of both computer scientists and lawyers. Salvatore Ruggieri, a full Professor at the Computer Science Department of the University of Pisa, elaborated on whether or not we can trust ‘fair-AI’. The legal perspective was brought in by Andrea Parziale and Agnieszka Jablonowska who talked about ethical and legal issues in accessing biobank data as well as privacy-attentive AI in consumer markets.

Finally, the conference did not only create bridges between law and computer science but also between academia and the business sector. Marco Antonio Sotelo from Indra, one of the partners of the LeADS project, brought in the perspective of a global technology and consulting company in his talk on “Explaining AI in Cyber Defence”. All perspectives together amplified the importance of a robust regulatory framework for the data economy is necessary. At the same time, however, it was agreed that this is a very difficult task with which regulators worldwide have been struggling. The conference, therefore, again showed the relevance of the LeADS project which with its interdisciplinary approach aims to contribute to finding innovative solutions to solve these difficulties.