ESRs in Podcasts: Xengie Doan on Interdisciplinary Research

ESR Xengie Doan got invited on the Ethical allies podcast that aims to uncover what really happens with ethical tech, digital rights, and more. In the episode “Data Science & Law: How Interdisciplinary Research Addresses Future Challenges”, Xengie addresses various questions on the importance of an interdisciplinary perspective in data science and law – despite both being fundamentally different.

Professionals from both fields would benefit from having a deeper understanding of the other perspective: data scientists should understand the fundamentals of the GDPR to find better and more flexible ways of implementing it and to be more ethical within those guidelines. Lawyers, on the other hand, should have a deeper understanding of the complexity of evolving technologies to find and develop an appropriate legal framework.

The Podcast can be listened to on the website of the Ethical Commerce Alliance.