ESRs Fatma Doğan at seminar for young researchers and PhD students


ESRs Fatma Doğan participated in the seminar for young researchers and PhD students titled: “Current Challenges in Medical Law”. The seminar took place in Göttingen, between 3-4 May 2023. Fatma presented her study named “Re-use, Secondary use or further use of health Data: A dilemma placed in between legislations” on ‘Current Challenges related to Data & Research’ panel.

Fatma started her presentation with a quote from EU Commission Communication on data re-use from 2020. The commission states that: “The value of data lies in its use and re-use. Currently, there is not enough data available for innovative re-use, including for the development of artificial intelligence.” Her main research question was, how can we interpret the re-use of health d ata under current EU legislation. While seeking the answer to this question her research is divided into three parts. In the first part, she examined GDPR and it’s provisions about ‘further use’ as it is the main legal instrument. Secondly, Data Governance Act(DGA) and its provisions about ‘re-use’ and thirdly, the Proposal of European Health Data Space(EHDS) and its ‘secondary use’ provisions were examined. Her findings point out that both DGA and EHDS don’t offer a detailed explanation of what terms could entail. Moreover, all three of the legislations will be regulating an intersecting ground, thus, their differences have a possibility to create discrepancies. Her study sought to discuss the similarities and differences between the referred legislation in terms of the mentioned concepts and make sense of their interplay.

The seminar was full of enlightening presentations and interesting keynote speeches. Fatma also received valuable feedback and thought provoking questions after her presentation.