ESR Aizhan Abdrassulova participation at the IBMEL-23

ESR Aizhana Abdrassulova attended the 32nd International Conference on Business, Management, Education & Law (IBMEL-23) held in Istanbul from September 5-7, 2023. The conference was organized by the International Centre of Excellence in Education, Business, and Management.

During the conference, Aizhana presented a paper and made an oral presentation on the topic “Data ownership does not work?”. The article was already published, and Aizhana discussed the challenges and inconsistencies of the data ownership approach. Her presentation was well received by the audience, which included many professionals working with data.

Aizhana’s presentation focused on the modern approach to data ownership that prioritizes convenience for the data subject and control over their data. She expressed her views on the topic, highlighting the need for a better understanding of data ownership issues and the importance of ensuring data privacy and security.

The conference had an interactive format that allowed participants to engage in discussions and exchange their ideas and views on the topic. The conference was an excellent opportunity for Aizhana to connect with other professionals in her field and learn about the latest advancements and trends related to data ownership and management.