LeADS Online Seminar with Prof. Mohammad Hamad

LeADS Online Seminar with Prof. Mohammad Hamad
“Security and Resilience of IoT: A Focus on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles”
Thursday, July 25th 2024 – 2 pm (CEST)
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Join Prof. Mohammad Hamad in conversation around security challenegs that connected and autonomous vehicles face and present an innovative solution developed by TUM.
IoT systems are almost everywhere, and they form the backbone of many systems we inetract with in our daily lives. One great example of such systems is connected and autonomous vehicles. These vehicles, with their advanced technology and artificial intelligence, optimise efficiency and enhance safety. However, that also brings critical security challenges. Ensuring the security of these systems is crucial to prevent potentially catastrophic consequences. An unsecured autonomous system could be exploited, leading to accidents, disruptionsin traffic flow, and even threats to public safety.

Dr. Ing. Mohammad Hamad is an Associate Professor of Embedded Systems and Internet of Things in the Department of Computer Engineering at Technical University of Munich (TUM). He received his Ph.D. in computer engineering from the Institute for Data Technology and Communication Networks at TU Braunschweig in 2020. Before his Ph.D, he completed his bachelor in software engineering and information system at Aleppo University, Syria.