Finding a Way Out the Ethico-Legal Maze of Social Media Data Scraping

For the latest issue of the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM) news journal, Arianna Rossi from LeADS beneficiary University of Luxembourg wrote an article titled “Finding a Way out of the Ethico- Legal Maze of Social Media Data Scraping”.

In her contribution, Arianna writes about the experience of the interdisciplinary project “DECEPTION” with regard to thecompliance of data protection rules and ethical research ethics principles when doing research on internet data.

She concludes that in order to encourage researchers to comply with the ethico-legal maze, practical guidance drafted in laymen terms as well as best practices and toolkits tailored to certain technologies should be created. Her article is available on this website. A more extensive version of their findings has been published in the Privacy Symposium 2022.