ESR Aizhan Abdrassulova attends to “International Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists”

On May 20, ESR Aizhan Abdrassulovapresented her research online at the Conference “International Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists” in Ternopil, Ukraine with the topic “Data Ownership”. Aizhan explored the concept of data ownership, and its potential risks, and benefits, including data privacy and security concerns. Aizhan’s work was well-received by the audience who appreciated her insights and contribution to the conversation on data ownership.

Additionally, during the months of May to June 2023, Aizhan completed her first secondment at the Vrije Universiteit subBrussel (VUB). The period at VUB provided Aizhan with valuable exposure to the academic community and allowed her to establish professional connections with other researchers in her field. During her secondment, she had the opportunity to collaborate with experts in her area of interest and further develop her research skills. She also had the chance to explore the city of Brussels and immerse herself in the local culture, which gave her a broader perspective on social and scientific issues. Through her participation in numerous scientific events, conferences, and seminars, Aizhan expanded her knowledge and gained new insights into the latest research findings and developments. Overall, her first secondment was a highly enriching and rewarding experience that helped her to grow both academically and personally.

Last, in June 2021, Aizhan attended a seminar organized by Professor Fryderyk Zoll in Osnabrück, Germany. The workshop was specifically aimed at doctoral students from the University of Osnabrück. Aizhan presented to the attendees about her Ph.D. research as well as spoke about the “LeADS” project. Her contribution was received with keen interest and prompted lively scientific discussions with fellow doctoral students in attendance. The opportunity to interact with fellow scholars from Osnabrück was extremely enriching, and this interaction facilitated the sharing of knowledge, opinions, and perspectives that would help to shape subsequent research activities. The seminar was an excellent forum for young researchers to enhance their understanding of each other’s work, build social networks, and open up opportunities for future collaborations.