ESR Barbara Lazarotto moderates “Beyond Data” book discussion


Brussels Privacy Hub organized a book presentation event on “Beyond Data: Human Rights, Ethical and Social Impact Assessment in AI” by Prof. Alessandro Mantelero at the premises of LeADS beneficiary Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

The book explores how data-intensive artificial intelligence (AI) systems have transformed various industries but also how traditional assessment models and procedures, such as data protection impact assessments, are insufficient to address the complex issues associated with AI systems.

ESR Bárbara da Rosa Lazarotto moderated the session where the author together with Prof. Gianclaudio Malgieri and Prof. Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon discussed the thought-provoking book. The author proposes a human rights-centered assessment framework, which considers ethical and societal issues alongside data protection, emphasizing the need to ensure that AI systems respect and uphold fundamental human rights, such as privacy, non-discrimination, and autonomy.

The discussion was recorded and will be soon available on Youtube.