ESRs secondments at Université Paul Sabatier III, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and Tellu

In this special edition of our blog posts, seven of our ESRs write about their experiences and insights they made during their secondments. In this post, ESR Barbara and Xengie share their secondment experiences.

ESR Barbara Lazarotto at Paul Sabatier III Toulouse

Barbara’s secondment at Université Paul Sabatier III in Toulouse proved to be an invaluable experience, propelling her research to a multidisciplinary field. This immersive collaboration with experts from the field of data science, allowed Barbara to explore the transformative potential of data commons in fostering open and collaborative data access.

Central to her secondment was a comprehensive case study on the creation of a data commons for electric-powered devices. This hands-on approach enabled Barbara to delve into the intricate details of data governance and data sharing mechanisms, gaining a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with data commons implementation. The multidisciplinary environment at Université Paul Sabatier III provided Barbara with a unique perspective, exposing her to a wide spectrum of research methodologies and data analysis techniques. This cross-disciplinary exposure enriched her own research, enabling her to expand her focus beyond legal considerations and delve into the data science aspects of data commons.

Barbara’s secondment at Université Paul Sabatier III marked a pivotal moment in her research trajectory. The exposure to diverse perspectives, the hands-on experience with data commons implementation, and the exploration of a multitude of use cases have undoubtedly shaped her understanding of the topic and fueled her passion for advancing the field of data commons research.

The LeADS Partners


Tellu is an SME experiencing significant growth since 2017, going from 5 employees in 2017 currently being 17 employees expecting to be 25 employees end of 2020. Tellu main offering includes TelluCloud an eHealth and welfare integration platform for connectivity, device management, edge computing, data gathering, data processing, and presentation as well as SaaS solutions for remote patient monitoring, video based supervision, and Personnel safety. The platform offers complete management and trustworthy execution and processing across the IoT, edge, and cloud space.

ESR Xengie Doan at SSSA and Tellu

ESR9, Xengie Doan, went to visit Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSSA) Pisa in February and March 2023 under the supervision of Professor Francesca Chiaromonte. They are a statistician who works with biomedical data and other types of data. While the data collected in Xengie’s research is largely qualitative data with a small sample size, it was interesting to explore methods to analyze it and ideate on how it would be different with large data.  This coincided with the Statistical Learning & Large Data, Modules 1 and 2 courses which Xengie attended. Classes covered a large span of methods to cover the overall concepts, then going over examples in R at the end. This would help with code examples for any future analyses. It was very interesting to get insight into different statistical learning and large data methods from an expert in the field.

The industry secondment is at Tellu, where Xengie is currently visiting until November 2023. They have a use case where a patient and their next-of-kin consents to help with some of the responsibilities that traditionally healthcare personnel would do 100% of the time. This is relevant to their topic studying collective consent models. Some activities include reviewing policies or consent forms and documentation to create methods and tools to improve the consent process. Interviews will be then carried out to validate those methods and tools based on feedback from members of the company. As the secondment is still ongoing, insights are still pending but should be shared in a paper next year.