ESRs Fatma Doğan and Aizhan Abdrassulova at Jagiellonian University’s Researchers Night


On September 30th, Researchers’ Night is celebrated with various events and activities by Jagiellonian University, the oldest university in Poland. The university opened its doors to show how science is created and prepared many scientific attractions for the guests so that everyone could find something suitable for themselves.

ESR Fatma Doğan attended the “Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University” event. Unfortunately, due to some unexpected renovation works the event held place online, nevertheless, both ESRs have learned a lot about the mysteries of the universe.

ESR Aizhan Abdrassulova emphasizes the high level of organization of this important event in the scientific world, the university has thought out a system of early registration, ticket issuance, and the opportunity to choose an interesting topic from a wide range of topics presented. Following her personal interests, she attended events about climate problems and the influence of nature on the human body, which were also held online at our university. The events enriched her with new knowledge and gave her the opportunity to discuss her own research with other attendees.