ESRs Armend Duzha and Christos Magkos at National Technical University of Athens Researchers’ Night


On September 30th at the National Technical University of Athens, in the historical Averof building, ESRs Armend Duzha and Christos Magkos together with an associate researcher in LeADS Manolis Alexakis participated in the 2022 Researchers’ Night. An annual event in which all universities and research centers of the Attica region gathered to present the ongoing activities they are involved in. We were present at the “European Corner”, where the MSCA fellows presented their posters, ESRs addressed questions from not only the audience but also other researchers and students of both universities and schools.


Researchers were able to learn about ongoing research and innovation in physics, computer science, and chemistry as well as discuss on topics regarding Human Rights, European policy, and the ever-increasing importance of privacy in a digital world.