ESR Mitisha Gaur presents her work at the IE Law School’s LawTomation Days Conference 2022

The IE Law School (Madrid, Spain) hosted a conference on the 29th and 30th of September – LawTomation Days, which was focused on the examination and discussion about the development of AI in various aspects of society. ESR Mitisha Gaur presented her work with predictive justice as a panel member on the discussion track Legal Tech and E-Justice.

Her work titled “The core tenets for designing a reliable predictive justice AI system” focused on investigating the use of AI systems in courts and the basic design issues with AI Systems which make justice merely statistical and prediction based instead of deliberative in nature. Through her work, she highlighted the importance of creating an AI system which is focused on including context and background of the facts as a core component which will allow AI Systems to better understand the issues placed before them.

Her work also focused on highlighting the hyper-reliance on substantive law and how that skewers the ability of judicial officers and lawyers to rely on the computations of predictive justice algorithms as they completely ignore the use of procedural law in the system and therefore produce results which are incompatible with the real-world applications and how the inclusion of procedural law while designing predictive justice systems is crucial from the context of fairness, reliability and accountability of the AI system.