LeADS in 2023: Looking Back

In 2022, our 15 ESRs completed the second year of LeADS. They had an intensive training schedule and attended a cross-disciplinary training program on four occasions. They explored their research topics in the four LeADS Crossroads, resulting in an interdisciplinary report on unsolved challenges in the data economy. This report provided the groundwork for their research activities in 2023.

Transforming Research into Working Papers

In 2023, our ESRs were reshuffled into 6 interdisciplinary groups to draft Working Papers (WOPAs). The ESRs collaborated with each other to publish 6 WOPAs, which became the first public deliverable of the LeADS project. Later, the ESRs contextualized their research in six blog posts.

(i) The Flawed Foundations of Fair Machine Learning

(ii) Contribution to Data Minimization for Personal Data and Trade Secrets

(iii) Transparency and Relevancy of Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing – Privacy and Consent Policies in the EU

(iv) Data Access and Re-Use in the European Legal Framework for Data, from the GDPR to the Proposed Data Act: the Case of Vehicle Data

(v) From Data Governance by Design to Data Governance as a Service

(vi) Data Collaboratives with the Use of Decentralised Learning – an Interdisciplinary  Perspective on Data Governance. 

Refining the Crossroad Report

The ESRs conducted research in the writing process of WOPAs, which was used to refine the initial Crossroad Report. This new report focuses on stakeholder needs and the ESRs’ research evolution and includes four videos available on the LeADS YouTube channel.

From Theory to Practice: Secondments

ESRs have the opportunity to work with beneficiaries and partners of the LeADS project, including prominent academics and practitioners. Secondments enable them to gain practical experience and adapt their research projects accordingly. Our ESRs engage with academics and practitioners to gain practical experience and adapt their research projects. Each ESR completes two secondments, and seven of them wrote about their experience in a blog post.

(i) Secondments at BY.TE, AGCM, MMI, and University of Luxembourg

(ii) Secondments at UT3, SSSA, and Tellu

(iii) Secondments at AGCM, GPDP, and VUB

Learning Through Playing: LeADS Discussion Games

LeADS is developing discussion board games to make its research on the data economy accessible to the general public. These games focus on controversial issues that have been developed throughout the research process and aim and educate people. The game to raise awareness will be tested for the first time in January 2024 during a conference in Brussels.