LeADS ESRs at CPDP Conference


This year, LeADS will be present at the 17th Computers, Privacy & Data Protection – CPDP Conference that will take place in Brussels Belgium, offering cutting-edge discussions in legal, regulatory, academic, and technological development in privacy and data protection.

Prof. Paul De Hert, one of LeADS supervisors, is the Director and Founder of CPDP will give the Welcome and Introduction to the Conference. Moreover, Prof. Jessica Eynard, one of LeADS collaborators will join the panel AI for Privacy: Isn’t it Time to Switch Perspectives? Taking place at HT Petite On Wednesday 22nd 10:30 AM.

LeADS ESRs will be also present at CPDP. Tommaso Crepax will be a facilitator at the Workshop “Data Portability’s new horizons: AI, the DMA, and the quest for online sovereignty”. Taking place at the Machine Room on Wednesday 22, 10:30 AM.

Barbara Lazarotto will be a speaker at the Panel “AI in the Urban Landscape: Navigating Data Governance with Multiple Stakeholders” organized by Centro Nazionale IoT e Privacy, taking place on Thursday 23, 11:50 AM at HT Petite. At last, Barbara will also be a facilitator at the Workshop “B2B data sharing within the Data Act” happening on Wednesday 22, 11:50 AM at The Machine Room.


The full program can be found here