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Toward Self-Sovereign Identity

Author: Cristian Lepore   1. Introduction As many people work from home, daily activities move from the physical world to the digital one posing concerns about personally identifiable information (PII) management. This post aims to clarify the importance of designing a proper identity management system that brings control of own data. The modern identity system can be […]

The general concept of information

Author: Aizhana Abdrassulova Of great importance for science is the development of definitions for many concepts related to information law. In particular, it is necessary to determine what information means, what is its legal regime. The importance of defining these concepts is associated with many factors, the main of which should be called the fact that […]

The EU Data Act: Towards a data-sharing economy?

Author: Barbara da Rosa Lazarotto   There has never been so much data available about individuals. In 2025, the value of the data economy in the EU will be comparable to the GDP of the Netherlands [1]. IoT companies hold large amounts of non-personal data from customers that at first glance might look useless, yet they […]