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LeADS Working Paper Series Part I: The Flawed Foundations of Fair Machine Learning

The Flawed Foundations of Fair Machine Learning   Robert Lee Poe (ESR 14) and Soumia Zohra El Mestari (ESR 15) authored “Borders Between Unfair Commercial Practices and Discrimination in Using Data.” Robert and Soumia, having initially investigated algorithmic fairness/discrimination in their Crossroad “Trust in Data Processing and Algorithmic Design,” narrowed the WOPA subject matter to […]

Going Beyond the Law or Back Again?

This blogpost was originally published on the Robotics & AI Law Society’s Blog at https://blog.ai-laws.org/going-beyond-the-law-or-back-again/ Abstract: The relationship between law and ethics in the European Union’s regulatory policy of artificial intelligence remains unclear. Ambiguity persists specifically in whether ethics will be employed in a hard or soft fashion. Such an ambiguity creates fundamental problems in […]

LeADS Liaisons with the OpenMuse Consortium

The LIDER Lab at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies recently joined a consortium of music industry stakeholders and researchers from 12 European countries. The OpenMuse Consortium’s goal is to fill harmful data gaps in the European music ecosystem and provide artists with much needed data-driven tools to increase their success in the streaming environment. ESR Robert Poe and post-doctoral […]